Accessible Tech is a voluntary initiative to generate bold solutions that enhance the quality of life for disabled people through the use of accessible technologies. We offer conferences, seminars, webinars and intensive 24hour and 48hour idea prototyping hackathons around a specific challenge.

Our first event of a series covering other themes related to accessible technologies is about employment – Accessible Tech in Employment Conference and Hackathon – date: around March 2017 in London, UK.

For Accessible Tech Network events we will bring together a community of passionate people with relevant experience, ideas and skill sets. Insights and solutions generated through the event, once proven successful will then be recorded into a policy, product, device, service or environment. It is our ambition that private, public, and third sector organisations working in the accessibility sector will benefit substantially from Accessible Tech’s innovative solutions and find a way to integrate these into their operations.

Volunteering is our key strength. All Accessible Tech’s events will be powered by volunteers.

Check back for more information about scheduled events as they become available. Until then, track the Accessible Tech in Employment progress by following our blog here.