The Accessible Tech Hackathon is a two-day (Saturday-Sunday, 18-19 March 2017) event for both professionals and students/recent graduates passionate about accessible design, assistive technologies, IoT, and employment. We will focus on Internet of Things, mobile, Web, UX/UI/AI, Service Design or desktop solutions, or something in between, and hardware.

We have two tracks: open innovation and industry collaboration.

Open Innovation track participants will have an opportunity to create solutions from scratch and Industry Collaboration track participants (4 project groups in total) will be permitted to choose one of the four projects/challenges faced by UK-based social entrepreneurs, and then work on these projects during the 24hour hackathon. The purpose of the hackathon is to create the best possible and novel solutions to specific tech accessibility issues (open innovation/ideas from scratch) or accessible tech problems that our social entrepreneurs are dealing with, within a set amount of time. Once a team is formed participants can start hacking for the following days. In the end they present and pitch their solutions in front of a public and jury.

The goal of #ATEHack is to pair teams of participants with other individuals and/or partners/projects in the UK social enterprise (socent) community who tackle issues related to disability and accessibility. Each partner has a problem in mind which they face because of the certain tech accessibility issue. Over the course of the hackathon, participants brainstorm, design, and create prototype solutions for their social enterprise.

For this event Accessible Tech Network will bring together a community of passionate people with relevant experience, ideas and skill sets. Insights and solutions generated through the event, once proven successful will then be recorded into a policy, product, device, service or environment. It is our ambition that private, public, and third sector organisations working in the accessibility sector will benefit substantially from Accessible Tech’s innovative solutions and find a way to integrate these into their operations.

The hackathon initiative was created in collaboration with SenseSchool – a social enterprise powered by MakeSense. It was founded in 2012 by Marine Plossu, Caroline Delboy and Christian Vanizette with an aim to enable students and young graduates to learn and problem solve by getting involved in real challenges encountered by social enterprises in many different fields such as employment, health, housing, and many more. A methodology called “Innovation Game” will be used to guide the participants through the innovation process.

If you want to learn more about Innovation Games, check this video:

More info on our partners and registration coming soon!